Having problems with your hardware?

Outdated device drivers make your computer crash, freeze and affect its performance.

Why You Should Use DriverScanner to Update Your Drivers

Did you know that your computer can’t run without device drivers? Every single device connected to your PC uses drivers to communicate with the operating system. When drivers get outdated, your PC becomes slow, some of your devices stop working, and your computer starts crashing more often. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to update drivers on a regular basis.

How Can DriverScanner Help?

The problem: updating drivers manually is hard and takes a very long time. It can be exceptionally difficult to identify which drivers need an update and then find the right drivers online. Plus there's always the risk of installing an incompatible driver that would make your computer unbootable.

The solution: use our DriverScanner to find, download and install the right driver updates automatically. The program will expertly scan your computer and provide a list of all drivers that need an update. The scan is completely free and there's also an option to update all device drivers in a single click.

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Why Do I Need Special Software to Download Driver Updates?

Every single piece of your hardware needs a driver. If you get a computer with no drivers installed, you won't be able to do anything: the mouse won't work, the screen will look messed up, you won't be able to connect anything via USB… Well, you get the idea.

Even though you could download drivers from hardware manufacturers' websites, it's not at all easy. You'll need to dedicate several hours to driver updates because you'd have to visit dozens of different websites, find the right drivers, download them one by one, and then install them one by one. A driver updater program would do all that for you in less than ten minutes. All you need to do is run a scan and then click on the "Update" button to update all your drivers automatically.

Information for Uniblue DriverScanner Users

Uniblue officially discontinued their operations in December 2018. This means that Uniblue DriverScanner will not help you to update your drivers anymore. While your license is valid for life, Uniblue DriverScanner won't receive any driver updates. This means that soon it will become useless because it will only offer outdated drivers for download. If you want to keep your drivers updated automatically, we recommend downloaded our driver scanner app.


Key Benefits of Our DriverScanner

  • 100% Driver Compatibility

    DriverScanner has access to over a million driver updates. This means that no matter what hardware you use, our software will be able to find the right drivers for you. We guarantee 100% driver compatibility.

  • Automatic Driver Backup

    You can update your drivers with our software with complete confidence. The driver checker has a built-in backup wizard that makes sure all your drivers are backed up. This way you will never need to worry about losing any drivers and having any compatibility problems.

  • Effective, Fast and Safe

    Our DriverScanner is 100% adware, spyware and virus-free. We have an extensive customer satisfaction record and numerous awards, which prove that our software is safe and effective.

  • Built with the User in Mind

    Our driver update software has an intuitive interface, is user-friendly and exceptionally easy to use. All this makes the driver update process quick, safe and fun.

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