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Why You Should Use a DriverScanner to Update Your Drivers

Did you know that your computer can’t run without device drivers? Every single device connected to your PC uses drivers to communicate with the operating system. When drivers become outdated, you may start experiencing compatibility issues, your computer may become slow and it may even start crashing. On top of that, some of your devices may stop working. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to run driver updates on a regular basis.

While it’s possible to update drivers manually, it’s very difficult to identify which drivers need an update. It could be your printer, your webcam or even your graphics card – there is no way of telling without checking each of them using the Device Manager. That’s because, unlike software developers, hardware manufacturers never notify you of available updates.

The solution: use a driver checker – a software tool that will find and install driver updates automatically. Our driver scanner will expertly scan all your hardware, including your video card, your sound card and your peripheral devices, for available driver updates. It will then generate a detailed report and allow you to install driver updates with just a couple of clicks.

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100% Driver Compatibility

Driver scanner has access to over a million driver updates. This means that no matter what hardware you use, our software will be able to find the right drivers for your particular configuration. We guarantee 100% driver compatibility.

Automatic Driver Backup

Using our driver scanner to update device drivers is absolutely safe. The driver checker has a built-in backup wizard that will make sure all your drivers are backed up. This way you will never need to worry about losing any drivers and having any compatibility problems.

Effective, Fast and Safe

Our driver scanner is 100% adware, spyware and virus-free. We have an extensive customer satisfaction record and numerous awards, which prove that our driver scanner is safe and effective.

Integrated Customer Support

Our driver update software has an intuitive interface, is user-friendly and exceptionally easy to use. All this makes the driver update process quick and safe.

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